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SideWalkers and A Frames

We can supply you with a huge range of either Metal A Frames or SideWalkers at great prices!

A Frame Signboards

The A Frame is one of the most direct methods to attract foot traffic past your business. Usually available in 2 sizes. The most common used is 600mm x 900mm and they are double sided.A Frames

Our A Frame Signboards are made from square steel tube with metal "whitecoat" faces. They come with a metal handle placed on top to make it easy to carry and a metal stay bracket so they do not fold up. They are very resistant to high winds and have been known to last for many years when used in exterior locations.

We offer 3 different styles of A Frame Signboards 600mm x 900mm. These vary according to the amount Vinyl and the number of colours used. With a total of 0.54square metres of sign area on each side, it is often the case that "Less is More" when deciding just home much is placed on these A Frame Signboards.

  • Economy Package A Frame Signboard    

This Economy A Frame Signboard makes use of  the high gloss finish of the high quality "whiteboard" used in it's construction. This high gloss white finish allows he user the ability to use the centre area of both sides as a "white board" enabling the use of whiteboard markers to change the messages written on them as often as you like. A Frame

This Package has a 7 year coloured Vinyl Banner about 600mm x 125mm with your selection of text digitally cut out to show the high gloss white behind. This gives the look of gloss white text while only using a single layer of Avery Vinyl. This effect is also used on the bottom of the A Frame has a banner measuring approximately 600mm x 75mm.

  • Standard Package A Frame Signboard

The Standard A Frame Signboard Package is also 600mm x 900mm and has a mainly white background. This lets you write your information with a whiteboard marker.The top banner is made of multiple colours and is about 600mm x 200mm. the bottom of the A Frame has a banner measuring approximately 600mm x 75mm. This is a solid colour with lettering cut out to show as white lettering.

A Frame

  • Deluxe Package A Frame Signboard

The Deluxe A Frame Signboard Package s also 600mm x 900mm and has a mainly or totally coloured background with multiple colours applied to give you a bight image. This provides a long life permanent sign that will last many years as we use only high quality Avery 7 year vinyl.

 A Frame

N.B. This package can also include "full colour" images are also available and prices for these are available just Contact Us for more information.

A Frame Signs


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